Ziggy the bee was getting ready to meet his Best Friend Poppy who was waiting for him at the nearest park. They decided that they were going to have a picnic together with Poppy’s cousin Adam who was new in town. This was Ziggy’s first time meeting Adam and he was very nervous. Ziggy told his mother that morning

“Mom I am very nervous to meet Poppy’s cousin, Adam. What if he does not like me?”

“Son do not worry. I am very sure that Adam will like you. You are the most nicest person I have ever meet. So go on have a nice picnic with your friends and do not forget to take the pot of honey I packed.” She said.

Ziggy knew what his mother told him was right and he took the pot of honey and headed off to meet his friends.

Ziggy and Adam immediately became good friends and Poppy was so glad that they were in good terms. Adam and Ziggy spend so much time together in the following years and they learnt more about each other every single day. Ziggy learnt that Adam hated jam and loved honey sweets while Adam learnt that Ziggy hated playing Hide and Seek and loved chocolates.

One morning, Adam came to visit Ziggy at his home to invite Ziggy to his birthday party tomorrow.

“Hey Ziggy!” Said Adam.

“Hey Adam what are surprise. What are you doing here?”

“Oh I came here to invite you to my birthday party tomorrow.”

“Adam I would love to come to your birthday party tomorrow.” Said Ziggy enthusiastically.

“Oh great Ziggy see you tomorrow then. Bye.” Said Adam flying away merrily.

Ziggy was so excited to go for the party the next day that he barely slept.

The next morning Ziggy was busy wrapping his gift for Adam, a yellow sweater. Ziggy knew that Adam loved sweaters so he bought him one. Ziggy wrapped Adam’s gift in a blue wrapper and pasted it with a big red bow.

Night finally arrived and Ziggy flew to Adam’s home feeling zealous.

There were so many bees at Adam’s home but Adam was nowhere to be found.

“Hey Poppy! Have you seen Adam? I have bought him a gift and I want to pass it to him but I  could not find him anywhere.”

“I have not seen him anywhere either. I have been searching for him too. Let’s go to his room maybe he is in there.” Said Poppy worried.

Ziggy and Poppy was awed to find Adam in his room sobbing.

“Oh my Adam why are you sobbing? Today is your birthday you must be elated.” Ziggy said feeling worried for his friend.

“My father got a job aboard and I am leaving town with him tomorrow. I do not want leave my friends.” He said sobbing.

Ziggy and Poppy were awed by the news.

“Oh my dear friend do not be sad. You will always be our best friend. Maybe one day we will see each other again and do not worry Adam You will still find good friends there. Like us.” Said Ziggy smiling at Adam to comfort him.

“Yes What Ziggy said is true.” Said Poppy cheerfully to her cousin.

“Thanks guys I am feeling much better but I am still going to miss you so much and you will always be in my heart.” Said Adam hugging Ziggy and Poppy tightly never letting them go.

That night Ziggy,Poppy and Adam had so much fun together celebrating Adam’s birthday. They were dancing and playing games all night.

Deep down Ziggy was sad that his friend was leaving but he knew that their friendship will never be forgotten and someday he will visit Adam.




Written by:Rijitha