I am never going back to that cave.


That dark cave was full of crawling creatures that I have not seen before.

There was a bad atmosphere in it.

Something bad was lurking there.

I can feel it.

Voices whispering from far away.

Someone whispered me to go in furture.

 I did not.

I took a step back and suddenly I stumbled upon a small rock.

That rock was the most beautiful shinest rock I have ever seen.

I picked it up.

I gasped as I saw someone in it.

A female.She was shouting at me.

Telling me to get her out.

I freaked out and threw the rock away.

Far away from me.

I quickly ran as fast as possible.

Feeling breatheless.

I stopped.Trying to catch my breathe.

Something was shining at me. 

I looked down to see that werid rock.

I was startled.

The hair on my back standing.

I was shivering in fear.

I ran again this time even faster.

I closed the wodden door behind the cave and ran to my car.

I did not feel save. 

I can hear her.

She was behind me.

I could hear her shouting at me to get her out of that werid shiny rock.

Maybe this is a dream. 

But I know it is not.

I quickly start my engine and drove away.

Reaching the speed limit.

While driving, I felt someone behind whispering me to go back and find that rock.

I was scared to death. I had goosebumps.

I stopped the car and shouted “GO AWAY!”

I calmed myself down and took in a deep breathe.

What I saw was unbelieveable.

I have to forget it.

I have to forget about that place and that rock.

All I know is that I am never going back.


Few weeks later,I could still hear her shouting at me to get her out of that rock.

But I ignored her.

Telling myself that I am imagining stuff.

But deep down, I just want to go back.