She wants to become the most vicious person on earth.

Just to teach him a lesson.

She wants to destory everything that mortify her.

She wants to be someone that cannot be tamed.


She who wants to crush his heart whenever she sees him.

She who wants to snap his neck whenever he talks.

She who has so much rage and anger in her that people are afraid to be with her.

She who still loves him in spite of all the hurt he caused her.

She who wants to cry all day and hide herself in darkness.

Never coming out.

He who destoryed her.

He who made her become what she is today.

A mad woman craving for power to destory him.

A mad woman who loved him so much but he never loved her back the same way.

A mad woman who wants to hurt herself badly so she could stop this madness of her.
And be free again.