Blood was oozing from his head.

He was crying with immense pain.

His blood was spattered everywhere.

Dark Red. 

A metalic smell.

He was begging me to help him.

I didn’t know what to do.

I frozed competely.

He deserved it. 

After what he had done to me.

But I coudn’t believe that it was not me who did this to him.

I have waited for years.

To seek my revenge on him.

It should have been me.

I was debating whether should I help him up or leave him here alone to rot.

I finally made my decision.

To let him rot.

To suffer.

To die here alone.

Without any help.

After all I didn’t care about him.

He was just a prick who I loathe.

He killed my friends because I did not choose to fight with him in that stupid battle. 

I felt tears ran down my eyes.

I loathed him.

I took off. 

Leaving him here .alone.

Few minutes later I found myself helping him up.