Teacher’s Day is just in a few days and I want to share with you guys about my favourite teacher in the whole wide world, Ms Grace Chia.

I met Ms Chia when I was in Secondary one. She was my Science teacher.

Fortunately she became my Science and Form Teacher for the pass 4 years. 

When I was in secondary 1, I was quite a reble. I did not really concentrate in classes and that led me to failing my tests and exams.

But that changed after meeting her.

When I saw Ms Chia for the first time I thought she was just going to be another boring teacher who doesn’t really care.

But I was wrong.

She turned out to be the oppsite of what I thought.

When I was in her class I was always wide awake because of her constant nagging and babbling. 

Ms Chia was the type of person who always lights the room up. 

She constantly encourages everyone around her to always give their BEST. 

She also gives her students great advices that can really help.

My most favourite thing about Ms Chia is that she gives little tokens to her students to motivate them and to make them feel better.

Not many teachers do that.

Another thing I like about her is that whenever I had problems she will always try her best to help me out and also give me solutions.

Furthermore, she likes to share with us her life stories that are inspiring and teaches us good values to make her students a better person.

She inspires me to become just like her.

In addition, she always pushes me to write stories more as I love to write.

She also pushes me to become a better student so I can have a better future.

To be honest, I am very lucky and blessed to have her in my life.

I want to thank her for being in my life and always being there for me through thick and thin.

Happy Teacher’s Day Ms Chia and all the other teachers out there!