Hey Guys! I am back with another tag and it is The Anonymous Book Tag! Recently I came across The Awkward Book Blogger Blog’s @ www.theawkwardbookblogger.wordpress.com (check out her blog guys)  and I was intrigued by the book tag she was tagged in so I wanted to try it out.

So Here We Go


1. What do you like about buying new books?

Everything!!! The anticipation! The excitement!


2. How often do you buy new books?

Once a month. I will probably buy at least 6-8 books. Sometimes more.


3. Bookstore or online book shopping – which do you prefer?

I do prefer both but if I have to choose one I would choose online shopping as I can get at a cheaper price and also there will be a lot of discounts.


4. Do you have a favorite bookshop?

 Yes! Barnes & Noble


5. Do you preorder books?

Sometimes I do if I really need the book asap.


6. Do you have a monthly book buying limit?

yes! At least 6 books a month!


8. How big is your wishlist?

Its enormous!


7. Book buying bans – Are they something for you?

Yes and No. sometimes I do get crazy buying tons of books that I can’t read in a month.


9. Which three books from your wishlist do you wish to own NOW?

  1. The Vampire academy Series
  2. The Shatter Me Series
  3. Four by Veronica Roth


10. Tagging?

I will like to tag all the Bookaholics out there!!!