I ran without stopping, not daring to look back at that atrocious looking creature.

I can hear my heartbeat, beating so rapidly.

I was dying in thirst.

I think I have not ran this fast before.

What have I gotten into this time.

All, all I did was opening that bloody door in that stupid cave I did found on the Dark Forest.

I turned back to look at the thing.

“STOP chasing me you evil thing” I yelled out loud at that creature.

My legs were weak and I was so tired.

I have to do something.

To stop this thing chasing me.

I got my courage together and I stopped running from the creature and turned to face him.

The creature stopped, facing me with his dark  blood-curdling  red eyes staring at me, right into my eyes as if looking into my soul.

His eyes were blood red.

What was this thing?

I was trembling and nauseous hit me hard.

I might faint in any moment.

My head was pounding so hard and my eyelids were beginning to shut and out of the blue, I felt so sleepy.

On the spur of the moment, I fall to my knees and slowly the world around me started to became blur and dark as something hit me hard in the back of my head.