I don’t know what’s going on.

The clues are leading to him but he is not telling me anything and how am I going to find my brother.

I feel like giving up but there is something holding me back.

He has been missing for four years.

The wind blows hard and the glass on my hand was trembling but I hold on to it firmly.

Maybe I have to ask him the other way.

I took a large sip of my drink and walked towards the door.

He was there, sitting looking at me with his sad puppy eyes.

I put my glass down and walked towards him.

He was trying to say something but I taped his mouth so he would not shout and call for help.

“You better shut up!” I warned.

I took off his tape and he said “You stupid girl, you don’t know who the hell I am! I will make sure you will suffer!” he shouted at me his eyes furious.

“I don’t need to know who the hell you are you idiot. All I need is answers and I make sure you give them to me now! And I will make sure you suffer if you don’t answer me!” I snapped at him.

His face turned blue and I started to ask him questions. “So tell me, do you know who Is Joe Maxin Willams” I demanded.

“No” he said simply.

That’s it he is testing me I know.

I walked towards my bag in the motel room and grabbed a sharp knife. I took the knife and stood in front of him, he froze. “I am asking you again tell me honestly do you know Joe Maxin Williams!” I shouted right at his face.

“I am telling you this for the hundredth time I don’t bloody know who that is”! he yelled.

That’s it.

I took the knife and plunged it into his leg and he yelled loudly in pain.

“I don’t know him you stupid!” he cried.

I took the knife and stabbed him again this time at his right arm and blood was dripping from the knife.

He cried louder this time and I took a cloth and shaft it to his mouth.

“Shut up you moron if not I will stab you again. Shut up!” I yelled at him.

This can’t go on. Maybe he is telling the truth but something is not right.

All the clues were leading to this guy.

I took out a passport size photo of my brother taken five years ago and showed it to him. “Do you know this guy” I said.

“Yes… I have seen him before his name is Samuel Lewis” he said as he was crying in agony.

“WHAT!” I yelled. He is not Samuel Lewis!  “Do not lie to me Liam. I am asking you again do you know who this guy is?” I said patiently.

“Please let me go I am telling you the truth.” he sobbed.

What I don’t understand anything.

My head is spinning and I felt sick to my stomach.

” When did you last see him” I asked as I was taking a sit in front of him on the floor as I felt like the whole world around me was spinning .

“Last week”.  he said.

I have been finding him for 4 years and he saw him last week?

“Where did you see him and what for?” I asked nonchalantly hiding my fear.

“I can’t remember but I can bring you to him.” he said simply.

What I can’t believe this.

He is going to bring me to see my brother who I was finding for four years. I really can’t believe it.

This is insane. Completely insane.

“Ok… I want you to bring him to me but if you have lied to me about all these things you are babbling I will snap you neck immediately! you will get killed by me! Got that!” I said as I got up to start packing.

“I promise its the truth.” he mumbled.

“Are you going to untie me?

My leg seriously hurts and I can’t feel my hands.” he said as his voice was shaking.

I ignored him.

I  washed the bloody knife and wiped it and put it back on my blue bag pack.

I jogged slowly towards him to untie him.

“I am trusting you by untieing you and if you try to run I am hundred percent sure you will be killed by me within seconds. You got that!” I said fiercely .

“Do you think I am that stupid to run away in this state?” he asked me.

“Yes” I answered firmly.

I untied him and he stood up holding his injured hand and limping. I passed him some bandages so he can cover that deep cut in his leg.

“Thanks” he murmured.

“So can I know why are you finding Samuel?” he asked me. I did not want to his answer his question but I answered him anyway.

“His name is not Samuel Lewis, his name is Joe Maxin Willams and he is my brother I have been finding him for four years.” I said as my eyes were almost filled with tears but I hold back.

“Whoa he is your brother. He told me he has no family. He was all alone.” he snapped looking awed.

“He told you that” I whispered.

How can he…

“Yeah he told me that once. Do you know he is one of the best assassins I have ever seen. He is incredible!”  He said.

My head throbbed.

My  world stopped when he said the word assassin.

My brother the soft hearted guy, the most loving person and the most compassionate person in the entire world is a killer… an assassin.


Written By:Riji