He drove his dagger upwards with one powerful thrust.

I tried to concentrate but I was loosing a lot of blood.

All of a sudden he stabbed me again but this time in my arm, blood oozing.

I roared in pain.

I took my sword from the ground and slit his throat.

His blood splattered everywhere.

I had a small grin on my face.

He deserved it.

Behind me there was a another attacker yelling while running towards me I quickly turned and hit him hard.

He fall hard to the ground.

I had enough.

I wanted everything to stop.

I asked him in a demanding voice “Who sent you!”

“That`s non of your business. I am here to take you!” he said standing up.

I tasted blood in my mouth.

A metallic taste.

“I asked you nicely!” I told him as I took my dagger and stabbed him in his thighs.

He yelped as he fell back to the ground.

“Prick” I whispered.

Unexpectedly, something hard hit the back of my head and the last thing I heard was that prick laughing his gut out.


I woke up to water splashing all over my body.

My head was throbbing in pain.

My sword was gone so is my dagger. He took all my weapons.

“Where is my sword! And who the bloody hell are you!” I shouted at him.

“And she`s back!” He snapped.

“Can we shut her up! He will kill us if she is awake!” The guy who I stabbed in his thighs said felling annoyed and scared.

Who will kill them?

I slowly stood up feeling nervous. I needed to go on the battle field to help my kingdom survive.

It will be torn apart if I was not there.

“Let me go you idiots! you are making a big mistake!” I yelled.

They did not say a word.


That`s it.

I strike him with my fist and he was on the ground.

I saw my weapons laying on the ground behind them. I quickly ran to it, my head throbbing.

I picked it up before the other guy caught me.

I turned and plunged my sword right towards his heart.

I got out of that wrecked place.

I ran and ran without stopping.

I was running out of breathe.

My eyes were filling with tears.

How long was I out? I asked myself.

Whats happening there?

Wild thoughts were running in my head.

I finally reached the battle field and I saw a man running towards me with a sword and I quickly slit his throat.

Man after man guarded with weapons around them came at me and one by one I eliminate them.

I was weak and exhausted.

In a flash like a shot, who was protecting the other side of the wall if I was here?

I panicked and ran as fast as I could

My body was shaking with fear.

I came to an abrupt stop.


My heart ached with pain.

I was breaking to tears again.


There he was.

With his mask on, covering his scar on his face and slitting their throats merciless like a true killer.