She can’t help feeling so attracted to him

despite their big differences.

He an Authoritative figure.

She a young Maiden.


His authoritative figure made her feel safe.

His passion made her feel ambitions.

His smile made her alive.


But they did not match each other in any way.

She tried so hard to stop fantasizing

but she was already in Love.

She wanted him terribly.

She wanted to be there for him in his hard times.

She wanted all of his flaws and mistakes.

She wanted him, him only.

Her day is not complete without thinking about him for once.

He stole her Heart.

she wished she had the courage to tell him how she feels

but she knows that will never happen in a million years because of their differences.

She thought: This would have never happened if she never met him in the first place.

But deep down in her tiny lovable heart she glad she did.