There is a well deep in the Dark woods where they let you see your prophecy.

Those who find that well in the woods gets to see their prophecy

with a little twist.

You will get to see three prophecy of yours.

All of them minacious.

Once you look down at that well you are



Legends says those who finds the well goes insane and blood thirsty.



My best friend never came back.

It’s been two years.

That parlous Witch warned him.

He didn’t listen as always.

Many people have gone missing because of that well.


I know where the well was but I did not dare look into it.

Once you look down you are doomed forever.


I have heard strange noises and piercing cries coming out from that well.


Once there was a loud wail coming from the well and I saw him.

He was lurking around the well.

He had the darkest look.

His eyes were red.

He looked daunting.

No one dared to speak of him.


I do not believe what the legends or villagers says but people have been missing.

Children are even afraid to come out and play.


It is time to fight back the evil.


They say there is only one person who can save them.

It’s a Witch.


It is me.

I am that Witch

who will be their light

and saviour. 

I will demolish that well and destory all evil beings.