I have this recurring dream at night.

Nightmare of an accident I was not in.

Someone else.

I was there watching as the brutal accident happened.




It was Brutal.

There is always these four people in my dream.

The guy with the green eyes.

The woman and her unborn child

And him.

The immortal man.

He had this wicked smile when he took out the heart of the woman.

The unborn child


I wanted to slap the grin on his face.

My heart was aching with pain.

I was afraid.

I wanted to get out of the nightmare

but I couldn’t.

I was stuck.

I was meant to watch it.

There was something that was holding me back

but I can’t see what it was.

This time I really wanted to get out of it.

It was too much.

But I can’t.

There is a reason I am getting this recurring dream every night.

But what?

Why was I even getting this dream.

Again and again.

Every time I watch it I feel the same.