I woke up in a deep Jungle with my Pajamas.

My feet muddy.

My hair tangled.

My hands tied.

I tried to pulled it out with struggle.

My hands were free again.


Blood was smeared on my face.

Whose was it?

How did I end up here?


From far I hear a sound.




A loud roar.

I shivered.

I was afraid.

It was dark and stormy.

It was going to rain.

I need to find a shelter.

I ran.

I ran and ran without looking back.

I wanted to stop but I couldn’t.

I was breathless.

My mouth was dry.

I need water.

I stopped.

I inhale and exhale.



I closed my eyes.

I needed my family.

They were not here.


I started to panic.

I saw a small river across me.

I ran for it.

The water was clean.

I took a big gulp of water.

Another sip.

Another sip.

I washed my face.

The blood was gone.

I took another sip of water and left the place before the crocodile from far end of the river comes towards me.

I walked

and walked

and walked.

I was exhausted.

How am I going to leave this place and go back?

The sun was up.


I saw something from the far end of the Jungle.

It was shining.

I jogged.

Feeling breathless

I stopped.

I walked towards it.

and to my eyes I can’t believe what I saw.

I was awed.


A Kingdom.

Not any Kingdom but the one I read about in History lesson.

The Famous Kingdom all over the world.

The one everyone talks about.

The one that saved millions of people.

People said it was destroyed in the earthquake that happened 50 years ago.

Everyone believed.

Even me.

But here in front of me it is still alive and beautiful.


Shiny and Golden.


The Lost Kingdom Of Mars.