She followed the wind

calling her out.

The birds chirping.

The sound of the river flowing.


There was something she could not explain.

Her emotions.

The way she feels

she had felt it before

but something is missing.


Something she could not explain.

Something in her changed as she walked through that path.

Like part of her was taken away.

Feeling ice cold.

She walked without stopping.

Each step she took was with caution.

She heard someone calling her out.

Whispering her name.

Luring her.

She stopped at a mountain high filled with ice.

and she saw it.

Her heartbeat started to race fast.

Her breathing was uncontrollable.

Tears were dropping form her eyes.

She couldn’t explain this.

Who was it.

What was it.

Why did a statue made her feel like that.

Why did she feel safe

most importantly why did she feel contented.

Who was it?