“Why are you doing this to me?”
He slapped me in my face.
I wanted to kill him.
I yelled.
“Who are you? Let me go, please!”
“You are hurting me! What have I done to deserve this!”
I was sobbing.
He just kept quiet.
I spit at him.
He grabbed my hair and pulled it hard “You witch!”
I screamed loud.
He was wearing a mask that looks like a wolf.
His body was muscular and strong.
He was 6ft tall.
He comes in every hour asking me bizarre questions. When I never answer he hits me.
Who was he?
He taped my mouth to shut me and left me alone in agony.
My throat hurts.
I was beaten badly.
My body was sore.
I was starving.
How could he do this to a woman.
He is an animal that needed to be tamed.
I don’t know who he was and why he abducted me.
All I remembered was me leaving my office after work late at night and suddenly being here the next day.
I think I was drugged.
Someone drugged me.
Fear was rising in my bile. I panicked. I was shaking badly. I need to get out.
I miss my family. Do they know I am here or are they clueless. Oh god they must be worried.
Have they reported to the police?
Will they find me? Will I be here forever?
My head was throbbing with pain.
I smell like blood.
I was trapped in this abandon buliding for three days now, without food or water. My lips were cracked and my throat was dry.
I was tied to the plastic chair.
My body was bruised.
I have to get out of here now, before he kills me.
I tried to break free but I was cut by the sharp plastic at the edge of the chair. Blood was oozing from my hand. I had no energy left.
Slowly my eyes were shutting out and I welcomed the darkness.



“What the hell was that for!”
I was drenched.
He threw cold ice water at me making me shiver and wet.
I was cold and hungry. It was the forth day now. My stomach was growling loud.
I relized my hands and legs were free.
My bag was on the floor.
What’s happening? I should run now but I did not dared, afraid he might kill me there and then.
“You can go now” he said, his voice dark and husky.
“What are you saying? I do… I don’t understand? Why did you do this to me? You are a monster! You tortured me for days! You prick!” I said, tears were filling in my eyes as I almost choked.
“You can go now or you can stay here until I torment you to death. Now go before I change my mind! Go!” he said as he walked towards me making me stumble. His eyes were blood shot red and he looked worried. The second he said that I quickly grabbed my things and ran.
I ran like the dog was chasing me.
I did not stop. I never looked back.
I was not going to cry now. I am strong. I will not break.
I tripped and fall to the hard ground.

All the tears I have been holding for the past two days no for the past few years just ran down my cheeks.
I could not hold it anymore.
I shouted and cried.
Cried without stopping.
Is this a dream. Am I really free? But why? He could have killed me or torment me further. No.
I stood up and ran before he came looking for me.
I was thirsty but I ran without stopping.
My head started to feel weird, heavy.
I looked up, I saw the sunlight and I know I was reaching towards the main road. I was covered with blood, and bruises.
I felt everything around me was moving and I could not see anything clearly. My eyes were shutting slowly.

A car was coming towards me, I tried to move fast but it was too late.

I collided with the car,
I fall to my knees, the next thing I know, it was darkness trying to shut me out and I saw him running towards me, without his mask.