You Make Me

  You are majestically wroth. You hating me Making me look like a fool. Making me feel¬†undeserving of anything. Love. Power. Chance. I hate the side of you. Looking at you makes me hurt. Your words are poison. They could kill anyone. Me. Hearing you speak makes me want to tear your throat. Looking into…

Lost In The Jungle

I woke up in a deep Jungle with my Pajamas. My feet muddy. My hair tangled. My hands tied. I tried to pulled it out with struggle. My hands were free again.   Blood was smeared on my face. Whose was it? How did I end up here?   From far I hear a sound….


There was no time to wait. I had to do it. No more following rules. It was time to break them. Live a reble life. Live happily. Live freely. This is my last chance to run. To a place where no one knows my name. Where I can be me. So run child Be free….

The Recurring Dream

I have this recurring dream at night. Nightmare of an accident I was not in. Someone else. I was there watching as the brutal accident happened. Pain. Blood. Death. It was Brutal. There is always these four people in my dream. The guy with the green eyes. The woman and her unborn child And him….

The Prophecy Well

    There is a well deep in the Dark woods where they let you see your prophecy. Those who find that well in the woods gets to see their prophecy with a little twist. You will get to see three prophecy of yours. All of them¬†minacious. Once you look down at that well you…

Fallen For You

  She can’t help feeling so attracted to him despite their big differences. He an Authoritative figure. She a young Maiden.   His authoritative figure made her feel safe. His passion made her feel ambitions. His smile made her alive.   But they did not match each other in any way. She tried so hard…

I Gave Up

As anger bulids in me I fall to my knees weeping. I begged the gods to let me go as I no longer needed to be here. I was shining brightly like the Sun outside but was dark in the inside. I tired to stop. I couldn’t. I wanted to be gone. But I was…

Raised By The Wolves

The threw me to the Wolves as I was something that couldn’t be tamed. Thinking the wolves would eat me alive They left me there to die. But that’s not what had happened. The wolves took me in as one of them. Raised me to be like them. Taught me to survive. Taught me to…

The Battle Field

He drove his dagger upwards with one powerful thrust. I tried to concentrate but I was loosing a lot of blood. All of a sudden he stabbed me again but this time in my arm, blood oozing. I roared in pain. I took my sword from the ground and slit his throat. His blood splattered…

If Only

If Only I could forget you. If Only You chose the correct path. If Only My dreams where not getting darker. If Only I have not done what I had done. If Only I could take back what I did. If Only You cared for me. If Only You chose me at the first place….

The Warrior

I never miss. My aim accurate. I have the strongest hands. I always strive for the best. I am made of weapons. No I am a weapon. I train like an animal. I never stop. I never dwell on a battle. I always move forward. I inhale confidence and exhale excellence. Who I am? I…

You and Your Lies

I was hurt by you and your lies. It tortured me everyday. I tried to forget them but it seemed too harsh. I tried to back away but you kept coming. I was exhausted. Finally you left and I was at peace. But that didn’t last as I was in misery. -Riji